Download Film Skiptrace (2016) Subtitle Indonesia

Download Film Skiptrace (2016) Subtitle Indonesia

File: Skiptrace (2016) 720P
Director : Renny Harlin
Actor : Bingbing Fan, Eric Tsang, Jackie Chan, Johnny Knoxville
Genre : Action, Comedy
Movie Size: 1.3 GB
Release : 21 July 2016
Country : China, Hong Kong, Usa
Quality : WEBDL
SRT Subtitle : Indonesian
Duration : 1 jam 47 menit
IMDB Ratings : 6.5 /10 from 723 users

Synopsis Film Skiptrace (2016) :

Skriptrace movie that came out in the year 2016 tells a detective named Bennie (Jackie Chan) who came from Hong Kong. Bennie has body issues contained Hongkong police crime mafia elements in it. As deketif he wants to uncover the great secret mafia Hongkong involving multiple parties, including where he had worked. To launch the mission, Bennie need help Connor Watts (Johnny Konxville). Connor is a world renowned gamblers. He did runaway due threatened to be killed by the mafia syndicate.

Connor became the target of the mafia because it was the key witness homicides involving high-ranking mafia. To be able to dismantle the mafia network in Hong Kong, Bennie had to look for the presence of Connor. After finding Connor, the problem persists because the mafia are still pursuing them. In the second escape guys always do not get along and act silly. Many events amusing and thrilling as they pursued the way back to Hong Kong. Though there are always obstacles and barriers in the way, they both finally able to get to Hong Kong to jointly dismantle the existing mafia case.

Skiptrace (2016) Subtitle Indonesia

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